Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fee changes for the Studio and Beth

From Beth
We have decided to focus on smaller committed groups and private instruction rather than a drop-in format for classes. Therefore, there are many changes coming. This will be my first attempt (of many) to explain the changes. Please ask questions by replying to this post or calling me at 706 506 9636 if you are confused by any of this.
My private practice will be going through some rate changes. Private Yoga Therapy is now $55 per session and in August will jump to $75 per HOUR. First sessions are normally 1 -2 hours in length. Thai Bodyworks remain at $30 per session until I complete my mentoring. I have 18 sessions to give before this will be complete. Call to schedule now before this rate increases to $50 per HOUR, average session is 1-2 hours. 706 506 9636. 
The studio will be undergoing a fee change due to IRS issues happening in our profession. At the end of the first quarter of 2015 all memberships will end. All classes will become series based. Current members will be contacted before the memberships end and given the opportunity to sign up first for the new classes. No discounts or family sharing will be allowed for series.
Series classes will require advanced sign up to hold your spot and payment for the whole series is due at the first class. Most series will be 6 weeks in length. To sign up for a series simply go here find the tab "series classes and schedule" to enroll. Please note class sizes will be limited but waiting lists will also be available.
Current series are:
  • Tuesday night Introduction to Yoga at 5-6:30PM. This 6 week series is $60 and sold out!
  • A second Introduction to Yoga Series has been added Monday at 6:45-8:15PM starting January 26th. This 6 week series is $60 (Advanced Yoga will end at this time)
  • Bellydancing is moving to Wednesday 6-7PM starting January 28th. This 6 week series is $60.
  • Mommy & Me children's play class series is Friday at 9:30AM on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month. This 6 class series (3 months - January - March) is $45.
  • Qi Gong series will start Monday January 12 at noon. This 6 week series is $60.
All classes will be in a period of transition for the next few months as more series are added and drop-in classes and memberships are eliminated. Most classes will remain the same in theme. We will move the classes to the "series classes and schedule" tab if it has transitioned to the new format. Please check the website frequently over the next three months until this transition is complete. 
Yoga 4 Rome classes will remain a $5 donation but will be series classes with a $30 payment for the 6 week series due at the first class in the series; this is no change to the drop-in price.
We are looking for input into the types of class series and times that are best for you. Please complete our survey (2 questions FAST!) here 

Monday, April 1, 2013

The President throws his weight behind yoga.

This is encouraging. If you want to participate in the challenge we can help. Share you thoughts below on the future of yoga. Should doctors be allowed to refer to yoga therapists?  Should there be yoga in schools? What are your thoughts?


Sunday, March 3, 2013

"Removing spirituality from yoga is like removing nutrients from vegetables"

Saw this quote today and would love your opinions...discuss in the comments below, repost if you like.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Johnny Appleseed of Yoga

I have been trying to figure out how to get these thoughts out of my head and I have finally settled on stream of consciousness…if this seems disjointed I do apologize.
I feel extremely blessed in my life. My marriage has survived for almost 28 years and many ups and downs. Somehow we always manage to find our way home. My children are healthy and both have 4 years of college under their belts (one is finishing up 7 this spring). We are all relatively healthy as well.
I have seen so many examples of how hard it really can be around me and I doubt I can (or should) share them all. Yesterday after church a choir made up of people with special needs sang. I found myself both thankful that my children are intact, and blown away by the abilities of some of these children, and sad. My niece has Angleman’s Syndrome and will never be able to talk; she functions on a 2 year old level even though she is 19. I wish she could participate in a choir like this. One of my students at the preschool this morning has special needs; their class is usually a challenge for me. But they all did well and this child participated well. I found myself thinking that one day they will be in this choir. All of my morning classes went well and participation was high.
My first afternoon class had one child. I found myself thinking during the first half how this is totally not working and I should just stop teaching here, numbers are just too low. But then this child shared things with me about their life that nearly brought me to tears. No child of 7 should experience the things they have. I was able to give them some self soothing activities to do. Then I played a song that speaks to my heart…evidently it spoke to theirs too, they told me they loved it. So right then and there I decided that even if this one child is all that comes for the remainder of the year I’m all in.
I then taught gentle yoga…it went well repeat student I really didn’t think would come back…nice surprise.
Next I went to SOW, Inc for the first time. SOW is the new family homeless shelter in Rome. I had 5 moms and 5 kids. I was very worried and conscious not to talk too much yoga language (Sanskrit) this first time. I was also worried that they would just find this dumb. What can these people that are down in safety issue on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs possibly get out of yoga? Still not sure but I can tell you that they seemed to love it, the boys ask me to come back every day.
I think today I made a decision to teach from my heart first. I don’t have to use all the language or all of the myth to make an impact; if I can get that in over time great, if not….patience. Yes it is beautiful but if one is not ready for that type of instruction should they be denied yoga instruction? NO, we are the ones that must shift in those situations, giving only as much as can be handled. I get frustrated with those that think yoga must be perfect. Isn’t it really about striving and suffering not attainment?

I’m not sure what to do with all the things I am thinking or how to sum up the day…perhaps Terry put it best tonight when he told me I am “the Johnny Appleseed of Yoga.” I taught 8 classes and made a total of $4 today in money, but today was priceless in my heart.
Namaste’ Have a Great Day
Original Post January 24, 2011
Beth Hughes